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ITN wants you back! What do we have to do to win you back? | Blog

17th September 2018

ITN wants you back! What do we have to do to win you back?

ITN, Illawarra Taxi Network, is, Radio Cabs of Wollongong, at your service.

We appreciate, taxis are not the only way for you to get from A to B today, you have much more choice now with other passenger transport services that offer you tasty treats along the way and cleaner cars. 

We’ve listened to you, and know we have to pick up our game in that respect.  We are working on that, but is that enough to bring you back to an ITN Taxi? 

Did you know that ITN’s call centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you speak with local Illawarra residents?  And, we have an APP, so you can book an ITN taxi with a phone call or tap on the phone.

136 vehicles are at your beckon call, every day of the year; maintained on a six-monthly basis and monitored under new Point to Point regulations to ensure your safety is paramount.

ITN’s focus has always been and continues to be on safety and security for you, the driver, your fur-kids, your children, parents, even the in laws.  ITN drivers will even drop into a fast food outlet or restaurant to pick up your dinner; after a long day at work, or maybe after a long night out!

An ITN Taxi can be your Plan A, it will get you where you want to go safely, so you can enjoy your night out and ensure you get home, to your family safely.

Are we there yet?

Did you know that ITN is the preferred passenger transport provider for Veterans Affairs, Department of Education and is an authorized NDIS Transport Provider? 

We have 12 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and 12 Maxi Taxis, so whether you need wheels for your wheels, and a trained driver to ensure your safe journey; or a group of friends all going to the same place at the same time, ITN, is at your service.

For that very special occasion, we have a “Disco Taxi,” glittering disco ball within, to get your party started from the get-go!

We are working with other local businesses like Guide Dogs Australia, University Of Wollongong, Wollongong City Council, Police and many more. 

Our Drivers love their job and take pride in assisting you move from one place to another, safely and comfortably.

With over 62 years’ experience transporting residents across the Illawarra, ITN is proud to be of service to you and wants you back so please tell us what we need to do, to get you back.