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Become a Driver

Are you eligible to become a Taxi Driver in NSW?

In metropolitan areas, to qualify to be a new taxi driver, you must:

  • Have held an Australian Driver Licence for a total of at least 12 months in the previous two years.
  • Hold an unrestricted NSW Driver Licence. (If you do not have a NSW Driver Licence, you must apply for this first with RMS)
  • Be at least 20 years old.
  • Be medically fit to drive a passenger transport vehicle
  • If required, complete an English language test of conversational English. The University of Western Sydney is now providing NSW Government-endorsed assessment tests specifically for Sydney Taxi Drivers (applicants who hold an Australian/UK/NZ/USA/Canada passport, or completed their Higher School Certificate or Tertiary Degree where the course and assessments were conducted in English, may be exempt from this requirement. Further training for those who qualify under the exemption may be required under the discretion of the NSW Taxi Council on boarding team and management.

If you meet these requirements, your next steps are;

  • Visit your local Service NSW
  • Request to complete an Application to become a Point to Point Transport Passenger Vehicle Driver, you will need to apply for a Passenger Transport Licence Code. Download your application form here and lodge this to your local Service NSW outlet. This will cost you $26.00 AU.
  • If deemed medically "fit" and safe to drive a Point to Point Transport Passenger Vehicle, Service NSW staff will notify you that you have been successful and a Passenger Transport Code (PTP Code or T Condition) will be applied to your current NSW Drivers Licence in the Roads & Maritime Service System. This code begins with a 'T'. To understand why this process has changes, please visit the Point to Point Transport for further information.

This does NOT mean you can now legally drive a Taxi. This condition only means you are now eligible to apply to become a Taxi Driver in NSW. Once this process is complete, you may then apply and book an appointment with the NSW Taxi Council to become a NSW Taxi Driver.