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We understand that it is very difficult for a disabled person to move around from one place to another, that's why we have our WAT (Wheelchair Accessible Transportation) services to make travelling more convenient.

What are WAT taxis?

A wheelchair accessible taxi (WAT) is a vehicle that has been modified to safely accommodate at least one and up to two wheelchairs. WAT taxis are designed to transport passengers who need a wheelchair for their daily activities.

Our goal is to help increase and improve mobility for all passengers. We believe that all people, deserve a reliable and professional transportation service that's focused on the safety, comfort and the well-being of the passenger.

Whether you need to help bring your patient a medical facility, for a daily outing and home again, or you need to transport children with special needs to school.  We offer you transportation services to meet your unique needs. We are available for you any time of day or night. We do prefer 24 hours’ notice for your specialty booking to ensure we have our vehicle ready for your trip.

We have been providing comfortable and reliable transportation services for our passengers, ITN believes that professional transport should be provided for all types of passengers, regardless of mobility or medical condition.

We have been providing transport assistance to people with disabilities in our community for over 60 years. Our WAT drivers are trained and accredited in the safe loading and unloading of a passenger in a wheelchair.