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Airport Pick Up and Drop Off | Blog

30th October 2018

Airport Pick Up and Drop Off

ITN Airport Transfers

Welcome back to the next instalment of Illawarra Taxi Network, ITN, blogs.

Did you read our last blog post: ITN Wants You Back? We would still love to hear from you, so we can change and have you back with us.

As people, we change every day. As a business, we also change daily. The ITN is always updating our work practises to innovate and bring you a better experience with more options; watch this space.

Airport transfers is an area where Illawarra locals may struggle with for options. We want to be your point of contact and your best solution for it.

Airport Transfers

Travel is a part of life. Whether you need to get to the airport to pick up a visitor or you’re the one travelling yourself; ITN wants to be a part of your journey.

Imagine this: your plane leaves in 4 hours, your suitcase is packed, your phone rings and your ride to the airport cancels on you. Rather than panic, we want to be an option for you. We are available to do airport transfers even if you need to leave in a few minutes from booking.

ITN drivers will get you to the airport safe, on-time, and conveniently.

We are the best alternative to those expensive airport taxi’s waiting for you before us. We can help you here. Riding with ITN can also help you avoid that large fee you might pay by leaving your car at the airport during your time away.

Why ride with ITN?

ITN taxis are very safe. All taxi units are equipped with GPS trackers and monitoring systems, so you will be aware of who will pick you up and what time your taxi will arrive. All taxi units are also equipped with cameras for your security & safety.

Our drivers are professional and undergo strict background checks to make sure you’re in safe hands. ITN uses local drivers which means familiarisation and advice for getting around.

Can you let us know how to improve?

All good relationships are built by two-way communication. We want to hear from you about how we can improve our airport transfer experiences.

We will listen, and we will do anything we can to have you back with us.

There are a few ways you can contact the Illawarra Taxi Network. Find out how here.